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If you take the colors of Vincent Van Gogh and the faith of William Blake, add the loose, abstract freedom of Vassily Kandinsky, and spread the results liberally on canvas you would have painting by Wahid Nahle. This brilliant young painter produces an intuitive, positive art Filled with celebration of life and hope. The viewer, swimming in color, energy and mystery of his message is lifted by cosmic forces to a higher level of feeling, understanding and joy. 

Glenda Bolick, U.S.A

His paintings witness the colored vision of the leading artist who is break- ing through the artistic world in bunches of flowers, birds, fish, mountains, plains and the moon in touches varying between quick strokes and large trails as if the brush was a lone that goes wider then narrower depending on the situation and the loads of joy enclosed in it.  

Henry Zoghoib Cedar Wings magazine. 

The more You look at his paintings the more you discover new things, new horizons, A space to escape to, a place where you can let your imagination roam... He inherited the gift form his father, and from his own depth, he dug out a vision, a style of his own. 

Marie-Joe Sawaya, Magazine 

What distinguishes Nahle's paintings is the birth of characters from the heart of nature. He relies on hiding people's faces and wrapping them with mystery and vagueness as if he was insisting on the importance of nature to which he assigns the leading role in life. 

Nisrine Darazy, March 1997 

What distinguishes this artist is his exceptionally intense, intimate relation with nature. Whether he paints it or not, he's in it and not in front of it. ..The result comes in the shape of compositions where everything blooms, prolif- erates, beats and twinkles... Dense, bright, contrasting hues rain on the canvas in gusts and in harmony through small close touches, A universe born behind things, impregnated with on extraordinary dynamism, A universe, in continuous gestation, which rolls the different plans between his flows. Sometimes a presence...A woman, a man, a couple ...Characters without faces dressed in light. Did Wahid want to invite us to inhabit these dream figures? Judge for yourselves! 

Sonia Nigolian, in La Revue, 1997